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Major Changes in the SEO World Call for a Paradigm Shift for Search Optimizers

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Is your SEO provider giving you value for money?

Over the past couple of years, the SEO industry has undergone major changes. For a start, the search engine giant – Google has made major changes in their search engine algorithm that has resulted in significant changes in the ranking of websites in their Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Websites that previously ranked highly for competitive keywords have been reduced to much lower rankings with competitor websites taking over their slots. The main losers from these changes have been websites that had previously been optimized using low quality links, spamming and other black hat techniques. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for SEO to use then more acceptable optimization techniques to avoid being penalized.

Shifting Trends to Social Media

Besides the changes in search optimization, there is also the major shift in surfing trends from sourcing content from search engines to sourcing from social media websites. This means that SEO plans must now incorporate social media optimization to remain competitive and effective.

People Now Access Internet From Diverse Gadgets

The shifting trends from surfing internet from laptops and Personal Computers to phones, game consoles, TV sets and other gadgets has also affected search optimization. An Anaheim CA SEO firm must now ensure that all the web content posted for linking and search optimization is adoptive and accessible on all possible gadgets. These are just some of the many changes that keep impacting the world of search engine optimization. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget SEO package to optimize your website, you will need to factor in all these changing trends. So, how do you review SEO plans to ensure that they are updated and keeps up with the changing trends? Below are some tips to help you with this.

Quality of Linking Content

One of the main considerations when reviewing an Anaheim CA SEO Package is the quality of the SEO content. Search engines are becoming more accurate in detecting low quality content and websites found to be optimizing using such content are getting penalized in the long run. Therefore, review the quality of the guest posts, articles, forum posts and other linking content to ensure that it is of a good quality.

Social Media Optimization

Is your website optimized for social media? There are affordable SEO packages that provide quality social media optimization. Optimizing for social media means that you can source traffic from social networking sites, social bookmarking websites, video websites such as YouTube and other social media sites. As trends are now shifting to higher traffic from social media, it is now important to ensure that your SEO plans incorporate social media.

Creative Search Engine Optimization

In the recent past, search engines have reduced the weight that they give to link popularity and are now more inclined to creative, user friendly and original content. Link baiting, unique web tools and other creative SEO techniques seem to be delivering much better results as compared to the traditional content churning techniques. It is therefore advisable to find out whether your budget SEO package includes any unique SEO tactics that will give you an edge over your competitors.