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Top Strategies For Local SEO Services Akron Ohio


Small businesses need to let search engines know where they are so that they do not just appear at the top of Search Engine’s Results Pages, but they are visible to a more relevant audience. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not understand how Local SEO works. The Google Pigeon algorithm which determines local search rankings is a bit complicated. Fortunately, there are quite a number of strategies that businesses that want local SEO services Akron Ohio can use in order to appear at the top of search engine rankings in their area.

Create local business pages

The business owner should ensure that they have created a local business page on the three major
search engines, that is, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The process is simple, as they only have to fill out a form with their business name, location, telephone number, and operating hours. After they do this, their local business account will be created.

Categorize and optimize their business page

Optimizing the local business page involves ensuring that it has great content and images so that it ranks higher naturally. However, in addition to having great content, the website owner should list their location, hours of operation as well as the services they offer. They should also try to include regional keyword in their website content.

Categorizing the business page involves placing it in any of the various categories that search engines rely on when ranking the business page. Most search engines will not rank a business page that is not categorized.

Optimizing and categorizing the business page will ensure that the website is properly ranked so that it is visible to more people. Listing the services that are offered as well as the business’ location will make it easier for the business page to appear higher on local searches for the particular keyword.

Citing the business accurately

This involves accurately citing the Name, Address and Phone, which are collectively referred to as the NAP. There are probably various local listings and business directories where the business has already been cited. The business owner should claim these listings, and ensure that there is consistency in how their NAP has been cited. The website owner will have to verify that the listed business belongs to them, either through email or telephone. If their business is called Brown’s Pizza, and there are listings that have cited it as Browns Pizza, without the apostrophe, the algorithm could rank them as two different businesses. Therefore, the business owner should claim all of these directory pages and ensure that their NAP is accurate and consistent so that they all help to improve the business’ ranking on major search engines.

Improve business reviews

Major search engines consider reviews when ranking local businesses on their Search Engine’s Results Pages. In fact, Google will include pictures, a map, and reviews of a high ranking business on the very first page. However, the reviews that the business has are not just important for its ranking. Reviews on the SERP page can help users to quickly decide whether to visit the website. Website owners should therefore encourage their users to leave reviews. They should have a button on their website that leads to websites such as Yelp where the client can post a review about their experience with the business. The business owner can also encourage customers who they work with to write reviews on certain websites. The more positive reviews they have from local customers, the higher they will rank on major search engines.


Local SEO services Akron Ohio are very beneficial because they enable the business owner to attract traffic from their local area. These strategies will help the entrepreneur to properly optimize their website for Local SEO so that it ranks higher on local Search Engine Results Pages.